New stuff, more improvements!

Lately we have made a number of improvements to the house.  First, the small stuff:

  • More hangers for the closets
  • Additional pillows for the bedrooms (for those of you who like thicker pillows, the new ones should help you relax and sleep better)
  • New pillows for the sofas (so you can fall asleep in front of the TV)
  • A new corner lamp for the living room that includes a reading lamp
  • New art for the walls – 2 new posters
  • New bowls, improving your breakfast experience
  • 2 new laundry baskets

And then the big stuff!

  • A new oven!  We also elevated the stove  so it’s easier to cook
  • A new fridge!

We hope our guests appreciate the improvements and that they make your stay even better. Continue reading New stuff, more improvements!