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Wind Energy Tourism

Wind Energy Test Center
Wind Energy Test Center

Interested in renewable energy? Klitmøller is about a half hour drive from Østerild Wind Energy Test Center. There you can see some of the biggest wind turbines in the world being tested under close to ideal wind conditions. The wind turbine models will actually be used offshore, and it’s tricky to get them to Østerild, but both Siemens and Vestas have joined with Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) to improve the science of wind energy.

I’ve written about Østerild on my blog, New In Sustainability, several times. My last post on the topic was about how DTU, Siemens and Vestas are really missing an opportunity to educate and win over the hearts and minds  of people interested in renewable energy. Continue reading Wind Energy Tourism

Wave Star

Those interested in renewable energy should consider visiting the Wave Star Energy site in the harbor at Hanstholm. It is an experimental system designed to convert wave energy into electricity. The technology is tricky, in part because salt water is corrosive and off shore sites are difficult to service. The vision involves numerous floats going up and down with the waves with a windmill on top (see picture below). I wrote about my visit there (in English) on my other blog, New In Sustainability. The Wave Star site is here.  It’s worth taking a tour, or you can just see the site from the land by driving through the Hanstholm harbor area, past all the fishing boats and buildings towards the end. You can buy some fresh fish while you’re there. Continue reading Wave Star