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Visit Thisted

Interested in a bit of city? Thisted is a lovely place to visit and has a number of attractions, cafes, bars, restaurants, shops…and a brewery!

Occupied since the stone age, the town was named in the 600-700s as the Germanic god Tyr’s Place (Tyr-sted). Tyr was known as a one-handed god of law and was sometimes said to be a son of Odin. (Danes became Christians gradually during the viking age, but 1100 is as good a date as any to peg). The church in Thisted goes way back in history – it was a wooden building until it became a granite Roman-style church. Around 1500 a Gothic church was built on the site.  Continue reading Visit Thisted

Hanstholm Museum Center

Museumcentret Hanstholm

Website in English    Hjemmeside på dansk    Homepage auf Deutsch

More info in English    Mere oplysninger på dansk

Really interesting museum at an old World War II German bunker.  See how the 600 soldiers posted there lived.  The site housed four enormous cannons that could fire 600 kg grenades 55 kilometers.  When they fired them, just about all the windows in town broke.  Very interesting piece of history.

Virkelig interessant museum i en gammel tysk bunker fra anden vendenskrig. Se hvordan de 600 udstationerede soldater levede der. Sitet husede fire enorme kanoner, der kunne fyre 600 kg granater 55 km. Da de fyrede dem knustes alle vinduer i byen. Meget interessant stykke historie.


Ein wirklich interessantes Museum, das sich in einem deutschen Bunker aus dem 2. Weltkrieg befindet. Erfahren Sie hier, wie die 600 dort stationierten Soldaten gelebt haben. Auf der Anlage sind vier riesige Kanonen untergebracht, die 600 kg-Granaten bis zu 55 Kilometer weit abfeuern konnten. Als diese damals abgefeuert wurden, sind fast alle Fenster in der nahegelegenen Stadt kaputt gegangen. Ein sehr interessantes Stück Geschichte.

Hanstholm is 13 km northeast of Klitmøller along the coast.  The museum is located in an elevated area and has a nice wooded area for picnics and nature walks.

Hanstholm ligger 13 km nordøst for Klitmøller langs kysten. Museet ligger i en forhøjet område og har et dejligt skovområde, hvor man kan nyde sin madpakke og tage på vandreture i naturen.

Hanstholm liegt 13 km nordöstlich von Klitmöller entlang der Küste. Das Museum liegt in einem erhöhten Bereich in einer schönen waldreichen Umgebung, geeignet für Picknicks und Spaziergänge in der Natur.