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New stuff, more improvements!

Lately we have made a number of improvements to the house.  First, the small stuff:

  • More hangers for the closets
  • Additional pillows for the bedrooms (for those of you who like thicker pillows, the new ones should help you relax and sleep better)
  • New pillows for the sofas (so you can fall asleep in front of the TV)
  • A new corner lamp for the living room that includes a reading lamp
  • New art for the walls – 2 new posters
  • New bowls, improving your breakfast experience
  • 2 new laundry baskets

And then the big stuff!

  • A new oven!  We also elevated the stove  so it’s easier to cook
  • A new fridge!

We hope our guests appreciate the improvements and that they make your stay even better. Continue reading New stuff, more improvements!

Polished and Shiny!

We finished up a wonderful week at Klitmoller Hus (24733) by giving it a top to bottom, thorough cleaning. We do that every time, of course, but this time the weeding between the stones on the terrace outside gave the house a particularly polished look. The grill is also shining.

Efter en vidunderlig uge på Klitmøller Hus (24733) gav vi huset en fuld, top til bund rengøring. Det gør vi hver gang, selvfølgelig, men denne gang arbejdede vi meget udenfor.  Vi fjernede alle græs og  ukrudt fra stenene på terrassen, og grillen skinner.

Nach einer wundervollen Woche in Klitmøller (Haus Nr. 24733) haben wir das Haus von oben bis unten gründlich gereinigt. Das tun wir natürlich jedes Mal, aber diesmal haben wir uns auch um die Außenterrasse gekümmert. Wir haben Gras und Unkraut zwischen den Steinen gejätet und den Grill ordentlich geschrubbt. Jetzt glänzt alles.